Bridge Construction
The Neo team have collectively been associated with a plethora of bridge projects from remote locations to bustling metropolitan areas.
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Our expertise includes:
  • Design and construct.
  • Working in remote areas including sourcing and manufacturing materials, acquiring labour, setting up camp facilities and delivering a high standard product in adverse conditions.
  • Construction of concrete, steel and composite bridges.
  • Working in and around existing traffic flows.
  • Stringent procedural compliance to eliminate any non conformances.
  • Selection of proven subcontractors who meet the Neo selection criteria.
The Neo personnel experience sheet includes the following Bridge projects:
  • Sunmetals Spurline and Bridges (QR - QLD)
  • Townsville Field Training Area Roads and Bridges (Dept. Defence – QLD)
  • Coogee Bridges (WA)
  • Champion Lakes Road Bridge (WA)
  • Champion Lakes Foot Bridge (WA)
  • Millars Creek Bridge (WA)
  • Ord River Bridge, Halls Creek (WA)
  • Little Panton River Bridge (WA)
  • Spring Creek Bridge (WA)
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